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Welcome To Hong Kong

It is difficult to characterise Hong Kong’s invigorating quality. Whether it’s an ancient temple, an electronic shop, or a man strolling his caged bird, every turn something new and unique.

Ocean Park

Over the water, you may participate in an adventure of Gigantic Panda with giant pandas, red pandas, and the Chinese salamander, which is at risk. Special programmes focusing on the North and South Poles are also worth checking out. The Mine Train, Raging River, Hair Raiser and Eagle are fun trips for the day. Take MTR South Island to Ocean Park Station to reach Ocean Park.

Hong Kong is well-known across the world as a gorgeous city and a popular destination for high-end shopping. However, this city-state is rich in culture and history, and it has much more to offer than delectable dim sum and a stunning cityscape. Hong Kong, as a Chinese Special Administrative Region, offers an intriguing study of ancient Chinese culture’s effects, as well as its own views and history distinct from that of mainland China.